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IDS DAM Solutions

IDS have designed bespoke digital asset management systems for publishers and media outlets large and small for more than 20 years. Our industry leading cloud-based solutions are perfect for editorial teams that want to store, manage and access all of their media assets from one central location – saving countless hours of tedious admin tasks and allowing your team’s creativity to flourish. Find out how we can enhance your publishing process and begin benefitting from our SaaS DAM solutions today.

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IDS DAM Solutions
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Key features of IDS DAM Solutions

  • AI driven visual search
  • Super fast file ingestion and retrieval
  • Scalable - handles huge volumes ( 100M+ ) of content and large user bases
  • 100% cloud-based digital asset management
  • Comprehensive API endpoints
  • Integrates with internal workflows. Dalim. WordPress, Adobe CC, Synology
  • Flexible DAM architecture
  • Granular territorial rights allowing precise user access to content.

Digital Asset Management Solutions from IDS

Digital Asset Management Solutions from IDS - IDS have been creating state of the art digital asset management solutions for publishers for over 20 years.

IDS have been creating state of the art digital asset management solutions for top news publishers for over 20 years. Our DAM solutions are fast, scalable, robust, and easy to use.

We cut our teeth in an industry where reliability, speed, and value for money are critical, and built our reputation by providing resilient, highly customisable platforms.

If you’re looking for a customisable digital asset management solution that can handle hundreds of millions of assets, integrates intuitively with your internal workflow, and utilises a completely flexible DAM architecture to adapt to your requirements, look no further than IDS.

Prioritising the unique needs of each client, industry leading publishers across the globe regard IDS as a provider of top digital asset management systems.

Working with IDS has been very rewarding. They understand our needs and are highly responsive when we require changes or customisation. The migration to IDS’s new system has been very positively received. The integration to our workflow is slick, and the ability to match images in PDFs through the overlay of ImageDiscovery is truly unique.

Peter Brennan – Senior Director, IT Operations, a360 Media

Cloud Based DAM

With our cloud-based virtual asset management solutions, we provide publishers and editorial teams with secure 24-hour access to their entire media archives from any location – whether they’re working remotely, in the office, or on the go.

Your editorial team and any other approved external collaborators will be able to store, manage, distribute, and access your entire portfolio of images, video, audio, documents, and other forms of rich media content safely and securely from any connected device.

Cloud-hosted DAM solutions are perfect for growing brands, offering a scalable asset management system for publishing teams that require media asset centralisation for an increasing amount of content.

Improved Publishing Process

Maintaining a strong digital presence has become increasingly important for publishers and brands as the consumer demand for content becomes more persistent.

IDS DAM solutions allow media teams to benefit from an accelerated publishing process, putting an end to time-consuming manual tasks such as billing mark-ups and keywording and instead freeing up time for your team’s creativity and talent to drive organisational growth.

Designed for fast-paced, agile, creative industries and further enhanced by AI driven visual search, leading media outlets depend on us for responsive, powerful, cloud-based digital asset management.

Our bespoke DAM solutions are also optimised for speed and ease of use, offering efficient file ingestation and retrieval, as well as an intuitive user interface.

Internal Workflow Integration

Cloud-based DAM solutions like ours are easily implemented and integrate perfectly with internal workflows, allowing for full flexibility and seamless collaboration across a range of different platforms, CMS and software, including Dalim, WordPress, Adobe Creative Cloud and Synology.

We can also easily develop integrations for new products with our comprehensive API, allowing us to meet the specific requirements of your business and develop a DAM system that fits in perfectly with your wider tech stack.

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A DAM system that can handle tens of millions of assets and easily integrates with our workflow

A DAM system that can handle tens of millions of assets and easily integrates with our workflow

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IDS PictureDesk
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  • Live feed of great content from a range of specialist photo agencies
  • Transfer files directly to internal workflow servers
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  • MyIDS - upload content to your private IDS channel for easy storage and retrieval
IDS Pages
IDS Pages
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  • Filter content by publication, year, issue and page
  • Automatic mark-up for easy billing
IDS Plugins and Apps
IDS Plugins and Apps
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  • Mobile Apps for Apple and Android devices
  • Adobe CC Extension available in Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere Pro
  • WordPress Plugin for accessing IDS lightboxes within the WordPress dashboard
AI Visual Search
AI Visual Search
  • Use image identifiers to find similar content in both still and video archives
  • Focus on the details - isolate a feature and ignore the rest
  • Results returned in less than a second
  • Comprehensive API endpoints for easy integration to your website or DAM
  • IDS do not need to store your files